Post COVID19 Pandemic : VR Based Technologies

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

After all the lock-downs and the guidelines regarding the protection from COVID19 pandemic, sales and marketing of Real Estate industry will be effected with locked down site sales offices and lesser foot fall of costumers/clients to the sales offices and the sample models.

Real estate developers will now have an opportunity to switch their marketing platforms from a sample model or a brochure image to more effective VR (Virtual Reality) based interactive platforms.

VR based sales and marketing strategy will be an effective tool to present projects to client on his own devices making them comfortable in a safe environment. An interactive VR will allow the user to travel and explore the project model and feel its existence which leads a better decision making on a trust of experiencing look and feel of the project, also a true feedback from the end user will help the developer in better and user friendly designing of the project.

VR based project scheme will be cost effective as it will be much cheaper in comparison to the exiting setups of sample house, VR on the other hand is a one time expense and can be stored on a server and can be re-circulated to large mass/group and same can be re-shared further.

Interactive VR will be effective as people will enjoy the project as a game and which will act as a magnet to gather direct or indirect costumers by mouth publicity or an indirect marketing source.

COVID19 Pandemic is a risk and to create an opportunities out of it we are always ready to help you, watch our Virtual Reality services and Get in Touch for a presentation.

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