Project Management

Planning, organizing and managing the effort to accomplish a successful project. A project is a one-time activity that produces a specific output and or outcome.

We collaborate with you through our services in;

   1. Program Management

   2. Project Management

   3. Construction Management

As Program and Project Management team we collaborate with you through our services

Program Management

  1. Project feasibility and viability report.

  2. Project Charter, Executive Master Plan, Project workflow and Information sharing system.

  3. Project Team and Stakeholder management.

  4. Risk Management services.

  5. Sales and Marketing Management Solutions.

  6. Finance Management Advisory.

Project Management

  1. Development Strategy Report.

  2. Appointment of design consultants.

  3. Design Management and coordination.

  4. Project Scheduling.

  5. Quantity take off, Quantity surveying, preparing BOQ’s and BOM’s.

  6. Cost Management with Project budgeting, Value engineering and Cash flow analysis.

  7. Procurement services involving appointment of contractors, vendors and suppliers.

  8. Contracts Management.

  9. Site Team Initialization

Construction Management

  1. Site Execution Kickoffs, Monitoring and Controlling.

  2. Documentation and Reporting’s, Minutes of meetings, Daily Progress Reports, weekly progress reports and monthly progress reports.

  3. Schedule and budget tracking and mapping with actual cash flow analysis report, earned value analysis report and anticipated cost report with Bill cycle management.

  4. Execution Quality, Site health and safety monitoring and controlling.

Facility Management

  1. Operations and maintenance services and consultancy.