1. Better decision making in Design finalizations.

  2. Better communication and connections with costumers with true experience of the project while sales and marketing practices.


Note: We do not provide overstated rendering images or false projection images of a project. We work on true projection technologies with BIM and present only the real projection of a project with our clients and customers.

Providing Solutions in

Virtual Technology

The virtual construction is achieved in the virtual environment, and the virtual reality technology is the core technology in the virtual construction system.


The virtual reality technology is a high-tech information technology which integrates the artificial intelligence, the computer graphics, the man-machine interface technology, multi-media industrial architecture technology, the network technology, the electronics technology and the mechanical technology.


The technology aims to utilize computer hardware, software and various sensors to create a virtual environment integrating vision, hearing, touch and smelling, which makes users immersive in the environment.


The operators are immersive in the environment and interact with it, obtain sensory stimulation through various media, and gain clear and institutional understanding of the problems to be solved.

leading to better communication whether in vocational presentation, or in professional practice. Techniques of 3D modelling and VR applied to the development of models related to the construction process.

The Interactive VR is created to assist decisions based on the visual analyses of alternative solutions. The VR model created to help the management of lighting systems in buildings allows the visual and interactive transmission of information related to the physical behavior of the elements, defined as a function of the time variable.

These tools allow the visual simulation of the physical progression of each type of work and also assist in the study of the necessary equipment needed and how it functions on site.

Augmented Reality (AR) is an advanced technology that enables superimposition of computer-generated data over an existing, real-world view. Advantage offered by AR for the construction and architectural industries is the ability to visualize a project more realistically.

360 Photospheres

360° Photosphers are captured from a model or images captured from a 360° camera of any project location and are then programed to form a 360° photosphere which is inter-linked together resectively.

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360 Animations/ 4D/5D Simulations

360°Animation are 360° walk-through from a model or images captured from a 360° camera of any project location, or 360° walk-through which are programmed together to form a animation or simulation.


VR Game Engine

Real Time Simulation Using Game Engine and Virtual Reality.

Parametric BIM models are converted into Game models for a true VR experience.

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